My bookmarks don’t work!

by Ernie on December 4, 2009

I was exploring our new site when I was hit by a revelation. Anyone using a bookmark to access NDISB was getting the generic “This page does not exist, and will never, ever, ever be back from now until the end of time” message.

OK… maybe it didn’t really say that, but it very likely had the same effect. If someone was using their bookmarks to access the site, they saw that error page, and very likely went no further. So I have set up a custom error page to notify our community that we really do exist, and can be found right here! We are furiously working to get the store back up, and you will be seeing it very soon.

We will keep this post at the top of the home page and keep you updated with our progress. Thanks for your patience, and don’t forget to check back daily during the month of December for your new gift from us! (If you have missed any of the previous gifts, they can all be accessed via the “Countdown” category in the “Find Articles by Category” link on the right.)

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