We’re Back, but…

by Theresa on February 15, 2011

Still working out the kinks. We had a server crash. Luckily we had back-ups of our databases, but it appears we forgot to back up a couple of folders, like the images folders. We’re working on that though.

The other big thing we’re missing is clickable links in our header. I may be able to design, but coding is a¬†completely¬†different animal. After spending two days coding and blowing up the site, I decided it was best to contract that part out. Hopefully in the next couple of days we’ll have that back up. In the meantime, I’ve fixed the links at the top of the home page that will take you to the proper locations. It’s just moving around from other sections that will be tough, so bookmark our home page for now and use that to navigate.

Before the crash, we were all set to kick off the ADSR. We’re still having Season 6 and have all of our sites lined up, but we’re pushing back registration and the start of the race. I’ll get all the information posted on that as soon as possible.

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