The Store is BACK!

by Ernie on December 8, 2009

As we continue to work our way back to some semblance of being a real on-line presence again, we now have a functioning store! But… when our last host evaporated on us, we truly had nothing left. We are still sifting through the ashes of our backups, trying to see what is retrievable, and what is not. In order to get the store back as quickly as possible we opted for speed. What this means to you is that you will need to re-register in the store. We have linked directly to the store in the navigation bar above, but we don’t have a link back here from the store yet. The “Home” button that you see in the store will return you to the home page of the store. We are still resolving functional details. When we eventually have a fully functioning site, all of the links in the header will take you to the appropriate place. For now, the nav bar will have to suffice.

The store is still being reloaded with product. It’s possible that items that were in the store before may have been retired. If you have an interest in something that you saw before, please let us know. New products will continue to be added daily.

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